Upgrade from 3.2.x / 3.3.x

  1. Upgrade the dependencies

  2. Perform the migrations management command; in case some attribute is conflicting, remove it manually from the DB

  3. Proform the collectstatic management command

Upgrade the instance dependencies

Check the 1. Install the dependencies and 2. GeoNode Installation sections in order to upgrade your Python environment.

Also, make sure the code is Python 3.8 compatible and that you switched and aligned the source code and the requirements.txt to the master branch.

This must be done manually and with particular attention.

workon <project environment>
cd <project_name>
pip install -r requirements.txt

cd /<full_path_to_geonode>

pip install pip --upgrade
pip install -r requirements.txt --upgrade
pip install -e . --upgrade
pip install pygdal=="`gdal-config --version`.*"

./manage.sh collectstatic --noinput

Run GeoNode migrations

Activate your GeoNode virtualenv and set the env vars:

. env/bin/Activate
export vars_210

Here are the variables to export - update them to your environment settings:

export DATABASE_URL=postgis://user:***@localhost:5432/dbname
export GEODATABASE_URL=postgis://user:***@localhost:5432/geonode_data
export ALLOWED_HOSTS="['localhost', '']"
export STATIC_ROOT=~/www/geonode/static/
export GEOSERVER_LOCATION=http://localhost:8080/geoserver/
export GEOSERVER_PUBLIC_LOCATION=http://localhost:8080/geoserver/

Apply migrations and apply basic fixtures:

./manage.py migrate --fake-initial
paver sync


Incase of an error of django.db.utils.ProgrammingError: column “colum-name” of relation “table-name” already exists on running migrations, you can backup the field data with the following steps.

./manage.sh dbshell
ALTER TABLE <table> ADD COLUMN <colum-name>_bkp varchar;
UPDATE <table> SET <colum-name>_bkp = colum-name;
ALTER TABLE <table> DROP COLUMN <colum-name>;


Run migration then:

./manage.sh dbshell
UPDATE <table> SET <colum-name> = <colum-name>_bkp;
ALTER TABLE <table> DROP COLUMN <colum-name>_bkp;


Create superuser

To create a superuser you should drop the following constraints (they can be re-enabled if needed):

alter table people_profile alter column last_login drop not null;
./manage createsuperuser

Update Templates

Update available templates to use {% load static %} instead of {% load staticfiles %}