Contacting other users

GeoNode allows you to communicate by message with other registered users and groups.
To send a message to some user and/or groups you can follow the link Message User from your Profile page (see Updating the Profile) or from the Profile details page (see the previous section Viewing other users information) of that user.

Send message to users and groups

Insert your content, type a subject and click on Send message to send the message to the users and groups you have selected.
You will be redirected to the Conversation details page related to the subject.

Your message

The Inbox page

You can view your conversations in your Inbox page, reachable through the Back to inbox button (see the picture above) or from the Inbox link of the user menu.


Inbox link

The picture below shows how your Inbox page should look like.


Inbox page

In Inbox all the unread messages are listed. You haven’t received any message yet so your Inbox is empty. If you switch to the All tab you can see all the conversations you are involved in.


All your conversations

When some user send a reply to your message your Inbox shows it, see the picture below for an example.


A reply to your message

You can open the Conversation details by clicking on the Subject link.


Conversation details

As you can see in the picture above, in the Conversation page you have the ability to write a quick reply. Type your message in the text box and click on Send Reply to do that.

In the Inbox page there is also the Create Message button that provides you a quick link to the message creation form.