Map tools and configuration

In this section, we are going to explore all tools provided on the Map View page. From the list of available maps, you can select the map you are interested in and click View map, the map will look like this.


The Map View

The Map View (based on MapStore) provides the following tools:

  • the Table of Contents (TOC) to manage the map contents;

  • the Basemap Switcher to change the basemap (see the next paragraphs);

  • the Search Bar to search by location, name and coordinates (see the paragraph below);

  • the Other Menu Tools which contains the link to the datasets Catalog;

  • the Sidebar which contains, by default, the link to the Print tool and to the Measure tool;

  • the Navigation Bar and its tools such as the Zoom tools, the 3D Navigation tool and the Get Features Info tool;

  • the Footer Tools to manage the scale of the map, to track the mouse coordinates and change the CRS (Coordinates Reference System).

A map can be configured to use a custom Map Viewer, with which the lsit of tools available in the map can be customized.

Basemap Switcher

By default, GeoNode allows to enrich maps with many world backgrounds. You can open available backgrounds by clicking on the map tile below:

  • OpenStreetMap

  • OpenTopoMap

  • Sentinel-2-cloudless


The Basemap Switcher Tool

You can also decide to have an Empty Background.


Switching the Basemap