Table of Contents (TOC)

In the upper left corner, click on |toc_button| to open the Table Of Contents, briefly TOC from now on, of the map. The TOC shows all the datasets involved with the Map and allows to manage their properties and representations on the map.


The Table Of Contents (TOC)

From the TOC you can:

  • manage the datasets Overlap;

  • filter the datasets list by typing text in the Filter Datasets field;

  • add new datasets from the Catalog by clicking the Add Dataset button;

  • manage the datasets properties such as Opacity (scroll the opacity cursor), Visibility (click on |hide_button| to make the dataset not visible, click on |show_button| to show it on map);

  • manage the Dataset Settings, see the next paragraph.


Scrolling the Dataset Opacity

Select a Dataset from the list and click on it, the Dataset Toolbar should appear in the TOC.


The Dataset Toolbar

The Toolbar shows you many buttons:

Managing Dataset Settings

The Dataset Settings panel looks like the one below.


The Dataset Settings Panel

The Dataset Settings are divided in three groups:

  1. General settings

  2. Display settings

  3. Style settings

In the General tab of the Settings Panel you can customize the dataset Title, insert a Description and change/create the Dataset Group.

Click on the Display tab to see what are the dataset appearance properties you can configure.


The Dataset Display Settings Panel

The Format field allows you to change the output format of the WMS requests.
You can set a numeric value of Opacity using the corresponding input field.
You can also set the dataset as Transparent, decide to Use cache options and to use Single Tile.

The third tab is the Style one. By clicking on it, an advanced Style Editor allows you to create new styles and to modify or delete an existing one. See the Dataset Styling section to read more.