Creating Widgets

Widgets are graphical elements that describe the datasets data. They can be of different types such as Charts, Texts, Tables and Counters. Through the create_widgets_button button of the Table of Contents (TOC) you can open the Widgets panel.


Creating Widgets

Chart Widgets

Chart Widgets are graphical representations of the dataset data. They can be Bar Chart, Pie Chart or Line Chart as shown in the picture below.


Chart Widgets

Lets create a new Bar Chart.
Click on Bar Chart then select the X Attribute, the Y Attribute, the Operation and the Color do you prefer. You can also display the Legend, Hide the Y axis, Hide the grid and decide what Label display into the legend.
Now you can filter the data to be considered for the chart by clicking on advanced_search_button. We don’t need any filter so click configure_widgets_options_button to configure other widget options. Insert a Title and a Description and click on Save save_button.

Chart Widgets Creation

The green connect_to_viewport icon means that the chart is connected to the viewport.

At the top of the bar chat, there is the options menu of the widget where you can Download grapg as png, Zoom the wigets and Reset axes.


Chart Widgets Options

Text Widgets

If you select Text on the Widgets panel you can create Text Widgets. Add a Title and the desired descriptive text, then click on save_button.


Text Widgets Creation

The resulting widget looks like the following.


My Text Widget

Table Widgets

Through the Table Widgets you can add the Attributes Table of the dataset to the map. You can decide to show a subset of the features, through filters, and you can select one or more columns/attributes.

You can also enter a Title for each column to be displayed as the table header in place of the Name of the layer field and enter a Description for each field to be displayed as a tooltip, visible moving the mouse on the column header. | So, choose what attributes you are interested in and click on configure_widgets_options_button.


Table Widgets Columns

Insert Title and Description (optional) and click on save_button. The example below shows the Table Widget on the map.


Table Widget

Counter Widgets

Counter Widgets are numeric representations of some attributes. For example you can represent the average speed limit on a road network.


Counter Widget Creation

Click on configure_widgets_options_button, insert Title and Description then click on save_button.


Counter Widget

The GeoNode map viewer is MapStore based, see the MapStore Documentation for further information.