Advanced Layer Management with MapStore

GeoNode provides the user with some advanced features for layer manipulation such as layer filtering, attribute edition and layer export in different formats. In a nutshell, these feature are provided via MapStore and we will redirect the user to MapStore specific documentation for further details.

Filtering Layers

With GeoNode you can filter a layer via it’s attributes, direct map filter by drawing an area of interest over the map canvas and via cross-layer filter, allowing intersection, contained and contains overlay methods. For more detail please check the MapStore documentation here.

Attribute Table

GeoNode provides tools for attribute manipulation that allows the edition and creation of new attributes with simplicity. Such set of tools provided by MapStore also allows the user to filter, search, zoom features from a table of attributes perspective like in a common GIS Desktop environment. For more detail please check the MapStore documentation here.

Styling Advanced

MapStore allows for advance styling features not covered fully on previous GeoNode section. If you wish to deep your knowledge on these capabilities, please follow this documentation link.