Share Options

GeoNode encourages to publicly, share and make available for download information uploaded on the platform. By default, anyone can see and download a document. However, the document responsible can choose to limit access to the document to some contributors and/or groups.

Through the Share Link shown in the menu it is possible to manage the document share options. it opens a form where set up who can:

  • None (the document is not visible).

  • View Metadata (allows to view the document).

  • View and Download (allows to view and download the document).

  • Edit (allows to change the document metadata and attributes).

  • Manage it (allows to update, delete, change share options, publish/unpublish).


See an example in the picture below.


After making changes, always save them with the Save Link in the menu


Changing the Document share options

Usually those with options of editing metadata and the management of a document are in charge and responsible of the document, i.e. the contributor who uploaded it has those options by default.

Once the share options are set, click Save link in the menu to save them.