Document Information

From the Documents Search Page (see Finding Data) you can select the document you are interested in and click on its name to see an overview about it.


You can access the document details page by clicking on View document in the overview panel. That page looks like the one shown in the picture below.


Document Information page

On the page of a document, the resource is either directly displayed on the page or accessible by clicking on the link provided under the title.

Exploring the Document detail menu Sections

The Info link section shows the document metadata such as its title, abstract, date of publication etc. The metadata also indicates the user who is responsible for uploading and managing this content, as well as the group to which it is linked.


The Share link provides the document link to share.


Document Sharing

If you want to download the document, click on the Download link in the menu and the document will be downloaded automatically.


Document Metadata download

If you want this document in your Favorites (see Updating the Profile), click the Info link and click on the start icon.


Favorite document