Document Editing

The Document Information page makes available useful tools for document editing. Click on the Edit Document button to see what you can do to make changes. The picture below shows you the Editing Panel that will appear on the screen.


Document Editing panel

You can Replace the document file with another one by clicking on Replace. It will drive you to the Document Upload page (see Uploading Documents) where you can upload a new file.

The Remove button allows you to delete the document. You will have to confirm that choice.


Document Removal confirmation

The Editing Panel shows you also some links for editing the metadata and the thumbnail. These actions will be explained more in depth in the next paragraphs.

Setting the Document Thumbnail

From the Editing Panel, it is also possible to Set the Thumbnail of the document. Click on Set to open the Thumbnail Uploading page and chose the image that will illustrate your document. You can either drag and drop it in the Drop files here box or selecting from your folders by clicking on Choose Files. Once this is done, click on the red button Upload files. If the thumbnail has been successfully uploaded you can see it by coming back to the document list. Click on the Explore Documents button to check that.


Upload Document’s Thumbnail

If no errors occur the following message will be shown.


Uploading success

Editing the Document Metadata

You can edit the metadata of your document through the buttons shown in the red rectangle in below picture.


Editing Metadata

The Wizard button drive you to the wizard described in the Filling the Document Metadata section. The Advanced Edit button takes you to a big form where all the available metadata of the document can be edited.
Some information are mandatory such as the Title or the Category the document belongs to, some others are optional.

Editing Metadata

In the example shown in the picture above, the information inside the red rectangles have been changed. To save the changes click on Update, you will be redirected to the document page.