Downloading Datasets

At the top of the Dataset Menu there is an Export link . It provides access to the ability to extract geospatial data from within GeoNode.
You will be able to select from a list of options of the supported export file formats.

Downloading Datasets

As shown in the image above, GeoNode allows you to download a subset of data. Click on Download filtered dataset to download filtered data.

On clicking Export, the file is prepared and a notification is showed when file is ready


Export Ready

To download the file to your machine, click on the export dataset icon. This opens the prepared export files and you can save the files on your by clicking on the save icon on each item.


*Export Results Icon *



The MapStore based map viewer of GeoNode allows you to print the current view with a customizable layout.
Click the Print option from the Menu, the Printing Window will open.

The Printing Window

From this window you can:

  • enter Title and Description;

  • choose the Resolution in dpi;

  • customize the Layout

    • the Sheet size (A3, A4);

    • if include the legend or not;

    • if to put the legend in a separate page;

    • the page Orientation (Landscape or Portrait);

  • customize the Legend

    • the Label Font;

    • the Font Size;

    • the Font Emphasis (bold, italic);

    • if Force Labels;

    • if use Anti Aliasing Font;

    • the Icon Size;

    • the Legend Resolution in dpi.

To print the view click on Print.

Performing Measurements

Click on the Measure option of the Menu to perform a measurement. As you can see in the picture below, this tool allows you to measure Distances, Areas and the Bearing of lines.


The Measure Tool