Metadata manipulation

There are two possible ways to manipulate extra metadata in geonode:

  • via Metadata Editor (Wizard and advanced)

  • via Rest API

Metadata Editor (wizard/advanced):

The metadata section is placed under the OPTIONAL METADATA section available for all the GeoNode resources.

The metadata must follow two specific rules to save to the resource:

  • Must always be a list of JSON. This permits to add of more than one metadata for each resource

  • The JSON must follow the schema defined in the for the selected resource.

For example, for my document resource, I can have something like the following:


Advanced edit wizard menù

After pressing the save button, the system will perform the following checks:

  • Check if the text provided is a valid JSON. In case of wrong format input, the following error is shown:


invalid JSON error

  • Check if the metadata schema is provided for the resource if not will raise the following error


missing schema error

  • Check if the metadata schema is coherent with the schema defined in the settings. In case of wrong format input, the error will print the missing JSON keys


invalid schema error

Facet Filtering

Automatically the web interface will create dynamically the facets if there is at least 1 metadata defined for the resource.

Suppose that a resource heve the following metadata:

          "field_name": "bike",
          "field_label": "KTM",
          "field_value": "ktm",
          "filter_header": "Sports Parameters"
          "field_name": "mountain",
          "field_label": "Monte bianco",
          "field_value": "monte_bianco",
          "filter_header": "Italian Mountains"

By default GeoNode will convert this metadata info in facets available for the resource

The facet will convert: - filter_header: used as the header filter - field_value: used to perform the search - field_name: used for calculate the unique values (along with field_value)

After says that, the facet will be the follow: