Finding Data

This section will guide you to navigate GeoNode to find layers, maps and documents by using different routes, filters and search functions.
In Home page you can find some quick search tool.

The Search box in the navigation bar (see the picture below) let you type a text and find all the data which have to deal with that text.


Search tool in GeoNode welcome page

When you trigger a search you are brought to the Search page which shows you the search result through all data types.


The Search page

This page contains a wealth of options for customizing a search for various information on GeoNode. This search form allows for much more fine-tuned searches than the simple search box is available at the top of every page.
It is possible to search for data by Text, Categories, Type, Keywords, Owners, Date, Regions or Extent.

Try to set some filter and see how the resulting data list changes accordingly. An interesting type of filter is EXTENT: you can apply a spatial filter by moving or zooming a map within a box as shown in the picture below.


Search filter by EXTENT

Data can be ordered by date, name and popularity.


Ordering Data

The GeoNode welcome page offers you many other options to find resources.

  • The Search for data tool allows you to search for data by name.


    Searching for data

    The Search page, which you will be redirected to, will have the TEXT filter already set with the name you have typed in the search box (see the picture below). If you want to reach the Search page directly, without any input text, you can click the Advanced Search link.


    Results of searching made by name

  • In the Home page section shown below are listed all the categories available in the GeoNode instance you are using. You can search for data by category by clicking on it.


    Searching for datasets by category

    In the Search page, data will be filtered by that category.


    Results of searching made by category

  • The Featured Datasets section (see the picture below) shows you aggregate data about Layers, Maps, Documents and Users. You can trigger a search on layers by clicking on the Layers icon, the same happens for Maps, Documents and Users. The Explore all datasets drive you to the Search page with no filter on data types.
    In this section there are also useful quick links to add new resources: the Add layers drives you to the layer uploading page, the Add documents to the document uploading page and the Create maps guide you to the map creation.

    Featured Datasets

    For each data type GeoNode makes available an individual Search page, the next paragraphs will explain that in depth. For Users see Viewing other users information.


When you are searching for Documents you can:

  • use the Documents quick link of the Featured Datasets section as described above

  • click on the Documents link of the Data menu in the navigation bar


    Link for Documents

The Documents search page looks like the generic one but only Document is considered as data type. You can filter documents by CATEGORIES, as in the example below, or by TEXT, KEYWORDS and so on. You can also use more than one filter at the same time.


Documents filtered by categories


To find Layers you can:

  • use the Layers quick link of the Featured Datasets

  • click on the Layers link of the Data menu in the navigation bar


    Link for Layers

In the Layers search page only Layer will be considered as data type. You can set one or more filter to refine the search. In the example below the layers have been filtered by EXTENT and CATEGORIES.

Layers filtered by extent


If you are searching for Maps you can:

  • use the Maps quick link of the Featured Datasets section as described above

  • click on the Explore Maps link of the Maps menu in the navigation bar


    Link for Maps

As seen for the other data types, the Maps search page allows you to filter your maps by a combination of criteria. The example below shows maps filtered by REGIONS.


Maps filtered by regions