Loading a thesaurus

You can add a thesaurus into you GeoNode using the load_thesaurus command:

python manage.py load_thesaurus --help

-d, --dry-run         Only parse and print the thesaurus file, without perform insertion in the DB.
--name=NAME           Identifier name for the thesaurus in this GeoNode instance.
--file=FILE           Full path to a thesaurus in RDF format.

In order add the inspire-themes thesaurus into a geonode instance, download it as file inspire-theme.rdf with the command:

wget -O inspire-theme.rdf https://raw.githubusercontent.com/geonetwork/core-geonetwork/master/web/src/test/resources/thesaurus/external/thesauri/theme/httpinspireeceuropaeutheme-theme.rdf

and then issue the command:

python manage.py load_thesaurus --file inspire-theme.rdf --name inspire_themes

The name is the identifier you’ll use to refer to this thesaurus in your GeoNode instance.

If you only want to make sure that a thesaurus file will be properly parsed, give the --dry-run parameter, so that nothing will be added to the DB.

Note: if the name starts with the string fake, the file will not be accessed at all, and some test keywords will be added to a fake new thesaurus. In this case the dry-run param will not be used.

Configure a thesaurus in GeoNode

After you loaded a thesaurus into GeoNode, it should be configured in the settings.py file (or in the local_settings) in this way:

THESAURUS = {'name':'THESAURUS NAME', 'required':True|False, 'filter':True|False,}
  • name: (mandatory string) the identifier you used in the load_thesaurus commands.

  • required: (optional boolean) if True, a keyword of this thesaurus is mandatory to complete the metadata. Currently not implemented.

  • filter: (optional boolean) if True, a faceted list of keywords of this thesaurus will be presented on the search page.

So, in order to set up the INSPIRE themes thesaurus you may set the THESAURUS value as:

THESAURUS = {'name': 'inspire_themes', 'required': True, 'filter': True}

Apply a thesaurus to a resource

After you’ve finished the setup you should find a new input widget in each resource metadata wizard allowing you to choose a thesaurus for your resource.

After applying a thesaurus to resources those should be listed in the filter section in GeoNodes resource list views.