Edit Layer Style

Editing a style can only be performed by users with the correct permissions.

  1. In the Explore Layer page, choose a Layer that you want to edit by clicking on the name of the layer or in the preview window.

  2. In the Edit Layers page, click the Edit Layer button.

  3. In the Edit Layer window, click the Edit button under Style icon. In this interface is it possible to change the style of layers. GeoNode allows editing of layer styles graphically, without the need to resort to programming or requiring a technical background.

    In the following example, the layer has one style and one rule in that style. Click Edit in Styles menu, then change the Title and Abstract of the selected Style.


    Layer Styles window


    User Styles window

    Click the Rule (Untitled 1) to select it, and then click on Edit below it. Edit the style by choosing the Basic tab to edit symbology of layers, the Labels tab to add and manage labels, and the Advanced tab to manage styles by scale and condition. When done, click Save, then click on the word Layers to return to the layer list.


    Basic Style Rule window


    Labels Style Rule window


    Advanced Style Rule window

  4. In the Edit Layer window, click the Manage button under the Style icon. The Manage Styles function allows assigning an available style to selected layers.


    Manage Layer Styles

  5. If you import a Style created by other GIS software (or edited directly in GeoServer), make sure that your .sld file already has the <Title></Title> and <Abstract></Abstract> nodes under the <UserStyle> node. Otherwise the style will be shown as “None” in GeoNode.