Install GeoNode Application

In this section you are going to install all the basic packages and tools needed for a complete GeoNode installation.


When you first start the Virtual Machine at the end of the boot process you will be prompted for the user password to login. Enter geo as user password and press Enter.

User Login

You are now logged in as user ‘geo’. On the left side of the screen there is a panel with shortcuts to common applications, launch a terminal.

Launch terminal emulator

Packages Installation

First we are going to install all the software packages we are going to need for the GeoNode setup. Among others Tomcat 8, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, Apache HTTP server and Git. Run the following command to install all the packages:

sudo apt-get install       \
    python-virtualenv      \
    build-essential        \
    openssh-server         \
    apache2                \
    gcc                    \
    gdal-bin               \
    gettext                \
    git-core               \
    libapache2-mod-wsgi    \
    libgeos-dev            \
    libjpeg-dev            \
    libpng12-dev           \
    libpq-dev              \
    libproj-dev            \
    libxml2-dev            \
    libxslt1-dev           \
    openjdk-8-jre          \
    patch                  \
    postgresql             \
    postgis                \
    postgresql-9.5-postgis-scripts \
    postgresql-contrib     \
    python                 \
    python-dev             \
    python-gdal            \
    python-pycurl          \
    python-imaging         \
    python-pastescript     \
    python-psycopg2        \
    python-urlgrabber      \
    python-virtualenv      \
    tomcat8                \
    unzip                  \
Install Packages

You will be prompted for geo user’s password (geo) and for confirmation twice

Confirm Installation

The installation process is going to take a few minutes.

At this point we have all the packages we need on the system.

GeoNode Setup

Let’s download GeoNode from the main GeoNode repository on GitHub:

git clone --branch 2.6.x
sudo useradd -m geonode
sudo mv ~/geonode /home/geonode/

Move into the project folder

cd /home/geonode/geonode

And install GeoNode


For the purpose of this training GeoNode python packages has been downloaded and installed, Skip the following command:

sudo pip install -e .

The following command will download a GeoServer web archive that we are going to use in GeoServer setup:


Again, for the purpose of this training the GeoServer web archive has been downloaded. Skip the following command.

sudo paver setup

In the next section we are going to setup PostgreSQL Databases for GeoNode