Project Information

This is information on existing projects, contributing to GeoNode (code, documentation, translation, …) and the community itself.

About GeoNode - What is GeoNode, the big picture.

Roadmap Process - How GeoNode can move ahead into the future.

Community Resources - Lots of links, think of it like your personal GeoNode bookmarks.

Community Bylaws - Some rules to keeps us stronger.

GeoNode Projects - Who else is doing cool stuff with GeoNode.

GNIPS GeoNode Improvement Proposals.


Helping out the GeoNode project is great and by contributing we all benefit and here is how:

Contributing to GeoNode is the best way to help out and here we show you how.

GeoNode Patch Review Process is where code review happens, explained for developers.

Patch Review criteria for extending GeoNode.

How to contribute to GeoNode’s translation and update an existing language or add a new one.

How to contribute to GeoNode’s Documentation is outlined how to get started writing documentation.

How to write Documentation a work in progress outlining well to write documentation.

How to Translate the Documentation describes how to translate the documentation.