Managing your profileΒΆ

Your profile contains personal information.

  1. Click on your user name in the top right of the screen. A drop-down list will show. Click on Profile to enter the Profile settings page.


    Link to your profile

  2. The next page shows your profile, which is currently empty.


    Profile page

  3. Click the Edit profile information link.


    Link to edit your profile

  4. On this page, your personal information can be set, including your avatar. Enter some details in the Profile box as well as your city and country info.


    Editing your profile

  5. When finished, click Update profile.


    Link to save your profile updates

  6. You will be returned to the main profile page. Now click Account settings.


    Link to edit your account settings

  7. On this page you can change your email address, time zone, and language. Your email should be populated already, but set the timezone to your current location.


    Editing your account

  8. When finished, click Save.