Developers WorkshopΒΆ

Welcome to the Developers Workshop! This workshop will teach how to develop with and for the GeoNode software application.

Introduction to GeoNode development
Learn about GeoNode’s core components, its Architecture, the tools it is developed with and the standards it supports.
Development Prerequsites and Core Modules
Learn about the pre-requisites you will need in order to develop with GeoNode. Take a look at its core modules and how they work together to provide a complete web mapping tool.
Install GeoNode for Development
Prepare your development environment by installing GeoNode in dev mode.
Customized GeoNode Projects
Learn how existing projects leverage GeoNode and create your own GeoNode based project.
GeoNode debugging techniques
Learn how to debug GeoNode instances and projects.
Setting up a GeoNode development environment
Learn how to set up a GeoNode development environment so you can contribute to GeoNode’s core.
GeoNode APIs
Learn about the APIs GeoNode leverages and provides.
Learn about GeoNode’s development process and how to work with the GeoNode community.
Make a GeoNode release
Learn how to make a release of GeoNode