GeoNode Development ToolsΒΆ

Python is not a demamding programming language in terms of specific or advanced development tools. In the chapters Install GeoNode for Development and GeoNode debugging techniques we have already seen how to setup a geonode instance with the debug tools.

A setup that many GeoNode developers use is composed by four parts:

  • a shell with the dev server running
  • a shell with the python environment (ran with `paver start_django`) preferably using ipython
  • a text editor for the code
  • a browser with firebug/dev tools to inspect the pages and the connections

Many people just code using simple text editors like Vim, although there are some more featured and user friendly text editors or advanced IDEs that can be used.

Text editors like Sublime Text or TextMate offer advanced text interactions with language specific shortcuts, syntax highlight and functions.

The IDEs are full featured frameworks with debug tools, shell, code completion and suggestion, they are powerful but tend to be more complex to use and learn. The most famous are Pycharm and Eclipse with Pydev.