Installing GeoNodeΒΆ

This section will guide you through the steps necessary to install GeoNode. Basically there are three different ways for you to install GeoNode. Depending on your purpose, you can choose between those. If you just want to test Geonode or just want a completely configured GeoNode, then try the Quick Installation Guide. If you intend to use Geonode with some already installed components, then use the Complete Installation Guide guide. This installation will give you full control over the components and you will be able to configure the components the way you need them. If you instead want to do some development, use the Install GeoNode for Development guide.

Quick Installation Guide
How to install GeoNode using PPA repositories.
Complete Installation Guide
How to install GeoNode manually.
Install GeoNode for Development
How to install GeoNode for development (for Developers) and prepare your development environment.

Other install links: