Administrators WorkshopΒΆ

Welcome to the GeoNode Administrators Workshop! This workshop will teach how to install and manage a deployment of the GeoNode software application.

Learn about GeoNode administration
Preparing your environment
Learn about preparing an environment for installation of GeoNode
Installing GeoNode
Learn how to install GeoNode
Migrate a GeoNode 1.2 instance
Learn how to migrate an existing GeoNode 1.2 instance to GeoNode 2.0
Configuring GeoNode for Production
Learn how to configure GeoNode for production use.
Managing a GeoNode Installation
Learn how to manage a GeoNode installation
Monitoring a GeoNode
Learn how to monitor usage and other activity in a GeoNode Installation
Backing up and Restoring GeoNode
Learn how to backup and restore GeoNode configuration and datas
Deploying GeoNode
Review a sample GeoNode project deployment and learn how to create your own
Loading Data into a GeoNode
Learn how to load data into a GeoNode with GeoServer, on the command line or programatically with scripts.
Usage of the GeoNode’s Django Administration Panel
Manage users and data through the administration panel
Management Commands for GeoNode
Review GeoNode’s management commands
Debugging GeoNode Installations
Learn how to debug and troubleshoot a GeoNode Installation
Configuring Alternate CSW Backends
Learn how to configure an alternate CS-W backend for your GeoNode
Customize the look and feel
Learn how to customize the look and feel of your GeoNode installation
Changing the Default Language
Learn how to change the default language of your GeoNode installation
GeoSites: GeoNode Multi-Tenancy
Learn how to configure multiple GeoNode sites on the same server
Running GeoNode under SSL
Learn how to run GeoNode with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)