Registering a New Account

This module covers the tasks of registering a new account, activating it, using it to log in as a registered user, and providing your profile information and changing your password.

  1. Navigate to GeoNode’s homepage, you will find the following in the top right corner:

  2. Click on Register and you will be taken to a page like the following:


    Once you have filled in the details and clicked Submit, you will see the following:

  3. Open your email and look for a message like the following:


    Click on the activation link and the registration will be completed, you will also be logged into GeoNode. Congratulations!


unregistered users can view all public content on the system and can make temporary changes to Maps created by others. Registered users can create their own Maps, upload materials, change symbolization, and save changes. In addition registered users can control access to layers they own and can access any private content that has been made accessible to them by others.

Logging in to GeoNode

Next time you come back to the site, you can follow these instructions to log in:

  1. Click on login:

  2. Fill out the login form:

  3. Verify you are logged in by looking for your username in the top bar:


Filling in your profile

Profiles allow people to find out about other users of the system. A user’s profile name is associated with any layer or map they create. Once you are logged in you can go into your profile and add information about yourself. As you add materials to GeoNode, those materials will be listed here.

  1. Click on Profile in the menu bar:
  2. Fill out the profile form:


the user profile contains at a minimum the user’s name and email address. Other optional items include organization, position, phone, fax, address, city, state, zip, country.

  1. Click Submit to save your changes:

Changing your password

You can change your password by clicking the Change Password link in the upper right hand side of the header.


Use the following form to change your password, by supplying your existing password and providing a new one and verifying it by typing it in again.