Management Commands for GeoNode

GeoNode comes with administrative commands to help with day to day tasks.

Below is the list of the ones that come from the GeoNode application, the full list can be obtained by doing:

geonode help


Imports a file or folder with geospatial files to GeoNode.

It supports data in Shapefile and GeoTiff format. It also picks up the styles if a .sld file is present.


geonode importlayers <data_dir>

Additional options:

--user=USER           Name of the user account which should own the imported
--keywords=KEYWORDS   The default keywords for the imported layer(s). Will
                       be the same for all imported layers if multiple
                       imports are done in one command


Update the GeoNode application with data from GeoServer.

This is useful to add data in formats that are not supported in GeoNode by default, and for example to link it it to ArcSDE datastores.


geonode updatelayers

Additional options:

--ignore-errors     Do not stop if errors are encountered.


Deletes layers that do not have a record in GeoServer anymore.

This is useful to fix aborted or partial uploads or situations in which GeoServer is changed through it is UI and GeoNode is left out of sync.


geonode cleardeadlayers